Thomas Taylor – Special Event Thurs 21st May

Thurs 21st May, 10.30am
Malamander Q&A and author talk from Thomas Taylor

Children’s author and illustrator,  Thomas Taylor hosts a special online event all about this year’s Young City Reads book choice: Malamander – Book One in his Eerie-On-Sea series.

Thomas will be answering questions sent in by Young City Readers across Sussex, and talking more about his inspiration for the book. Find out:

 – How Thomas got his inspiration for the book

 – What he’s working on now

 – Where he does his beachcombing and what he’s found recently

 – How he chooses the names for his characters

Visit our home page on Thursday 21st May at 10.30am to tune in

Watch the trailer for Book 2 in the Eerie-on-Sea Legend: Garganits here which has just been published.

If you are new to Young City Reads – there’s still time to take part. You can find out how to download an ecopy of the book HERE. And you will find free, themed Malamander resources to download HERE.

If you have any questions please email us: info [at]

5 thoughts on “Thomas Taylor – Special Event Thurs 21st May”

    • Thomas Taylor replies:
      Hi, Adrian. I wanted to write the book because the story grew so big in my mind that I needed to get it out! TT

    • Thomas Taylor replies:
      Hi Adrian, As for Sebastian Eels, he isn’t a real author, but he is a bit like some people I’ve met (naming no names!).TT


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