Between us, Team YCR must have read Kid Normal 3,452* times, so it’s fair to say we know all the characters pretty well. We’ve talked with loads of you about which character wins your affection the most and we even conducted an official poll at the event – and can reveal that the tiny horse loving HILDA won your hearts!

So we put it to the Young City Reads team – which character was your favourite and why?!


Marina – OK, the character I keep coming back to has a pretty minor role in the book but I cry with laughter every time I read her description because I’ve met many a Patsy McLean!

Patsy McLean – the receptionist of Ribbon Robotics

Patsy sat in the building’s most comfortable chair, which she had insisted on getting because she had falsley claimed to have a bad back. She tapped away at her computer, sending staff members aggressive emails about tidying up coffee cups at the end of the day. And she absolutely hated everybody except her cat Boris.

And of the Super-Zeroes I’m with the masses and have to say Hilda with her tiny horses wins every time for me.

Vicky – My favourite character has to be Nellie because she reminds me you don’t need to be loud to be powerful!

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