Harry Styles and Emma Corrin to star in ‘My Policeman’ Adaptation

Who Has been Cast so far?

The Crown’s Emma Corrin will star alongside Harry Styles in an adaptation of Bethan Roberts’ 2012 novel My Policeman for Amazon Studios. The other male lover in the movie, Patrick,  is yet to be confirmed, but there were rumours last year it could be Enola Holmes and Hunger Games actor Sam Claflin. Three older actors will be cast to play Marion, Tom and Patrick in the 90s, but who that will be is yet to be revealed. As Collected Works CIC fans will know, My Policeman was our City Reads title for 2012, and it was a hugely popular choice. Take a nostalgic look at our 2012 City Reads My Policeman brochure

What’s it About?

The best books are those that offer us a glimpse of unfamiliar lives, that allow us to inhabit the characters’ worlds and walk in their footsteps. Bethan Roberts’ fantastic novel My Policeman – a tender and tragic love triangle set in 1950s Brighton − is just such a book.

Candlelight. Log fire punching out too much heat. Leather armchairs. ‘Stormy Weather’ coming from the oriental boy on the piano. They say he played at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. The smell of gin, Givenchy cologne, dust and roses. ……Extract from ‘My Policeman’ – Bethan Roberts

From the moment Marion first lays eyes on Tom she is smitten and determined to make him hers. But this dashing young policeman has another powerful claim on his affections. Patrick, curator at Brighton Museum, is also besotted with Tom and opens up a world previously unknown to him. But in an age when those of ‘minority status’ were condemned by society and the law, Tom’s immediate safety lies in the smokescreen of marriage. So the two lovers must share ‘their policeman’, until one breaks and three lives implode…

When Will it be on Television?

There is no release date at the moment, but filming starts this April, so it’s likely to be a 2022 release date.

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