New Book Swap Boxes for Archives Alive Project

Collected Works CIC’s projects and activities are all about the pleasure of sharing books and stories  – and let’s face it – Brighton & Hove is very bookish city.  Walking the streets in certain neighbourhoods on a fair weathered evening, you may have already noticed a system of informal and anonymous book-sharing going on.  Whether it’s piles of paperbacks lying on pavements or homemade boxes inviting neighbours to take and leave a book.

Since 2017 we’ve placed a number of beautifully crafted Book Swap Boxes at community locations across the city, and we’ve just made another six of these beautiful boxes for QueenSpark Books’ Archives Alive project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.
Look out for them in these locations after lockdown: The Bevy (Bevendean), Cafe Domenica (Brighton Dome Foyer), First Base Centre, The Manor, Preston Park Recovery Centre and the Unemployed Families Centre. They will all have free copies of QueenSpark’s four new publications.
In the meantime why not check out the video we made about our involvement in QueenSpark’s Archives Alive project, and take part in the creative activities attached to the project. Watch the video here.

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