Young City Reads 2017

‘Fizzlebert Stump’ by A F Harrold

Collected Works CIC and Brighton Festival are delighted to reveal that A F Harrold’s Fizzlebert Stump The Boy Who Ran Away from the Circus (and Joined the Library) has been chosen as the 2017 ‘Big Read’ for children across Brighton & Hove. One book, by one author is selected for the KS2 children to read, explore, discuss and creatively engage with.

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‘Stuffed with laughs’ – Jeremy Strong

Thurs 02 March | Project Launches on World Book Day. 10 weeks of reading begins and free weekly emails and resources are sent to classes.

Tues 23 May | Celebration event at Brighton Dome where A F will be joined by the illustrator Sarah Horne for a fantastic interactive schools’ finale.

A story of a boy, a book, some very bad people, some very brave deeds, and the importance of rubber teeth for lions……Fizzlebert Stump lives in a travelling circus. But although he gets to hang around with acrobats, play the fool with clowns, and put his head in a lion’s mouth every night, he’s the only kid there – and he’s bored. But then Fizz decides to join a library, and life suddenly gets a lot more exciting…

Young City Reads is a fantastic initiative and it’s great to hear Fizzlebert’s been picked this year. Hopefully it’ll put a smile on some faces and an embarrassing snort of laughter in the back of the room every now and then when you’re supposed to be getting on with more serious things – A.F. Harrold, Young City Reads author 2017