Shared Reading Group at First Base

Since September 2015, with support from The People’s Health Trust, Collected Works CIC has been running a shared reading group at the First Base Centre: a space (run by BHT) that offers a range of services to support people who are sleeping rough or insecurely housed in the city. All material is read aloud, so even participants with poor or no literacy are able to take part. Readers in the group have taken part in our largest reading project: City Reads. Enjoying last year’s book, The Humans by Matt Haig and the current 2016 book: Paul McVeigh’s The Good Son.

The reading group is run on a weekly basis. Over the two year project, the aim is to encourage participants to add their own ideas to a group toolkit – so it becomes a living resource they can use. We will also offer training to group members, supporting them to ‘try out’ facilitating a session, so the group can continue as a peer led activity at First Base, after the two year funding comes to an end.

Visit our SHARED READING page to discover more about our work with readers across the City and beyond.

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