About us

Collected Works CIC is an award winning reader development organisation based in Brighton. The organisation specialises in delivering innovative projects, events and activities based around shared reading. Its largest projects are City Reads and Young City Reads which it delivers annually.

The City Reads team were a wonder to work with: passionate, fun and professional. They reminded everyone they come into contact with why books matter, why reading is enriching and why the spoken word is gripping. Drawing audiences from every walk of life in and beyond Brighton, the three-month-long programme of events was meticulously planned and perfectly delivered. Perhaps most of all, we’re deeply grateful for the care and attention afforded to our author who came to feel he was part of the family. If you are interested in audience development, outreach and engagement, look no further than Sarah Hutchings, the director of the programme who, along with her wonderful colleagues, helped make every event an unforgettable pleasure. Chris Hamilton-Emery – Director, Salt Publishing


The Collected Works CIC Team

Sarah Hutchings (Director)

Vicky Tremain (Project Manager)

Mavis Ang (Project Assistant)


Becky Kempson (Project Assistant)

Our Patrons

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